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Cheshire, CT
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The Cheshire Lacrosse Club, Inc. supports boys and girls Youth and High School lacrosse in Cheshire, CT. At the youth level, the club is a member of the Connecticut-New York Lacrosse Association (CONNY), the organizing body for youth lacrosse in Connecticut.


The Club follows the youth sports philosophy espoused by the Positive Coaching Alliance, a Stanford University-based organization that with a mission to "transform youth sports so sports can transform youth."

For more information about the Alliance please see www.positivecoach.org


Cheshire Lacrosse History...

The CHS Lacrosse program started when Kevin Tyska moved to Cheshire from New Jersey.  Tyska brought his passion for and knowledge of lacrosse, and thus began the community's love for the new sport.

Tyska, his mother, Julie, and Arlene Salvati, a field hockey coach and gym teacher at CHS at the time, began the Cheshire Community Lacrosse Club.

Salvati took on the coaching duties. The funding to support the club came from a bake sale, candy sales and a car wash

The Cheshire Community Lacrosse Club began in 1982 and played only one game against Farmington High School.  Even though the team borrowed its equipment it did not stop them from winning their first game.

The club received official standing at CHS in 1983. The team had 40 players, including a few girls.  The captains that year were Kevin Tyska, Peter Bodycoat and Pete Staley.  The club was sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department and recognized by the Connecticut High School Lacrosse Association. Tyska was named the New Haven Register's "Athlete of the Week" for the week of June 1, 1983 and the team had an 8-7 record.

In 1984, lacrosse became a boys' varsity sport at CHS, and Salvati served as coach until 1985. CHS lacrosse has definitely grown over the past 20 years, culminating in 2002 with it's first ever Connecticut Division 1 State Championship.



Information from Cheshire Herald Article - April 10, 2003

by Sara Savage