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Information on Becoming a Junior Lacrosse Official

Becoming a lacrosse official has many benefits.

  • Enjoy the camaraderie this sport generates
  • Stay involved with the sport you love
  • Learn to manage people and situations
  • Earn some extra spending money
  • And, of course, you’ll get the Best Seat in the House!

In order to eliminate some of the confusion and make the certification process more clear, the information below has been put together for both Boys & Girls seeking to become certified.
Boys  - Officiating
The Cheshire Boys Junior Officiating program got underway in earnest during the spring of 2010 and was a huge success with nearly 20 high school boys participating.  Newer officials are assigned to the younger, less-competitive game levels where more experienced/confident officials get paired with senior patched officials in more advanced contests.  We are very careful to not “throw them to the wolves” until they gain the experience and confidence necessary to handle tougher situations. 

NOTE: Certified officials from the previous season have first rights to the available positions and game assignments. 
1)  You must be a high school student or older. 
2)  Complete US Lacrosse Junior Officials Training Program each year.
3)  Current US Lacrosse membership – Officials level (not Youth or High School)
.For games:

  • Officials must dress "professionally".  Specifically, official’s shirt, black or khaki shorts and turf shoes, sneakers or cleats.
  • Whistle, flag(s), scorecard, coin.

Time Table of Events

1)  February-March - Typically the Connecticut Lacrosse Officials Association (“CLOA”) will conduct a US Lacrosse Level 1 Officials Training Program for those interested in officiating Boys Youth Lacrosse games lead by US Lacrosse-trained clinicians. (Approximate cost is $40)
2) After completing classroom certification additional mentoring and field mechanics will be provided.
3) Game assignments will be prioritized by an assignor who will place youth officials at the appropriate game level.  We also spread the word to our neighboring town/programs for additional game opportunities.
Who to Contact
Dick Naramore at:    

Girls  - Officiating
The girls' youth umpiring program has grown in popularity the last several years.  We have gained attention from some of the top umpires in the state for our structure, training program and the results we have achieved.  In order to eliminate some of the confusion and make the certification process more clear, the information below has been put together.

NOTE: Capable officials from the previous season have first rights to the available positions.  All interested for the new season are considered and may be placed in a wait list until a position opens or for the following season.


1)  New umpires must be either freshmen or sophomores at CHS.

2)  All umpires must be current US Lacrosse members – Officials level (not Youth or High School)
3)  All umpires must attend and successfully complete the classroom and field training sessions
For games:

  • Umpires must dress "professionally".  Specifically, umpire shirt, black gym shorts (no spandex type shorts) and turf shoes, sneakers or cleats.
  • No jewelry may be worn by umpires.
  • Hair must be worn out of the way.

Time Table of Events

1)  Sign up online for classroom training session sometime around February.  All Cheshire folks are welcome to attend the classroom session as long as they sign up on time.  No exceptions will be allowed regarding late signups since open spots available at the end of the signup period are typically filled up by out of town umpires that need to be recertified.
2) Typically in early March our classroom training occurs.  If the requirements are similar to last year, the class will be held over 2 nights.
3) Typically in mid-to-late March our field training occurs.  Only those folks who will actually be umpiring for Cheshire Lacrosse Club are scheduled for this session. 
The umpires from prior year will be given first chance at umpiring for the upcoming year.  

Who to Contact
Jenna DeRosa at: